Beckett By Day

2010 Beckett By Day

Beckett Day and Night was the title of a special program at STLCC-Meramec pairing the evening mainstage production of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot with a daytime black box production of two of the Nobel Laureates short plays, Rockaby and Play along with one of Sam’s prose works, Stirrings Still.

The idea was to give students and audiences alike a ‘triple dip’ into the life and work of one of the most famous writers of the 20th Century.

Meramec’s production of Waiting for Godot was unique in that it was presented in the round – a feat which Beckett himself said could not be done effectively.  Under the direction of theatre Prof. Michelle Rebollo, it was one of the finest productions of this classic ever produced in St. Louis.

The cast and crew for the Beckett By Day portion of the program were STLCC students Jim Robert (sound), Ian Cornelius and Tanner Douglas (set and special effects) and, most notably, Megan King (lights) who also served as the chair operator in Rockaby and as the ‘interrogator’ in Play.  The program was conceived, created and directed by Dennis Corcoran, assisted by Angelina Lahr.

Cast of Beckett By Day were fellow students:  Andrew Bayer, the Announcer, a Brechtian mannequin-like figure who wove the three plays together into a coherent whole; Katherine A. Robinson and Megan King, Rockaby; Abigail Lampe, Stirrings Still; and Katherine A. Robinson, Chris Porcelli and Margaret Howard as the head in the urns with Megan King as the Interrogator in Play.

STLCC Faculty sponsor:  Prof. Michelle Rebollo, Theatre Program Director