Didn’t You See Us?

2017 Didn’t You See Us? 

Black Mirror’s contribution to the StLou Fringe Festival in 2017 was this short (45 min.) play by Dennis Corcoran.

It was inspired by much:  the immigrant and refugee crises here, in the Middle East and Europe, Africa …

Director’s Notes:  Having lived and worked in the Middle East, the suffering of so many there struck a deep chord.  One of our girls was born there.  The other moved there with us when she was only 1 year old.  We learned that children are international passports.  They are our future. Yet so many of us sat back comfortably and watched the slaughter, devastation, destruction, the suffering of so many … Didn’t You See Us?  was a reaction … an outcry … a plea … a prayer …

The piece was aided by so many but principally the acting talents of Madeline Finn as the Woman and Kyra Goudsmit, 12 years old, as the Girl.  Both were wonderful, moving, poignant. Bethany Hamilton provided choreography and coaching.  The show was co-directed by Dennis Corcoran with much valuable help from Catherine Hopkins, whose experience and willingness to jump into a project are inspiring.

A last word of mention:  there were 13 ‘ghost’ people in the play, made of shovels, spades, hand tools, a tree trimmer.  They were inspired by a good friend and talented playwright and sculptor, Patrick Conroy.

The artwork on the cover and above is by Rabee Kiwan.  More of his work can be viewed here.