BMT Film Shorts

Black Mirror Theatre (BMT) Film Shorts

As time goes along, Black Mirror will be producing and posting short films of STLCC students and alums performing monologues and soliloquies.

The pieces will be produced in the style of the New York Times ”In Performance” series – i.e., no costumes, set, a plain backdrop, etc.  Local videographer Jesse Bader, a former STLCC-Meramec student, will handle recording (video and audio) and lighting.  Check back periodically for the addition of new ”shorts.”

List of BMT Film Shorts
  1.  Minty, excerpt from WGN series, Underground, with Tiffany Knighten, January, 2018 – view here.
  2.  Krapp’s Last Tape, excerpt from Samuel Beckett play, with Robby Suozzi – February, 2018 – view here.
  3.  Vincent Price’s Soliloquy, from Stagefright, with Andrew Bayer – February, 2018 – view here.
  4.  ‘night Mother, excerpt of play by Marsha Norman, with Madeline Finn, March, 2018 – up next.
  5.  Bás Thomáis Sayers, (Tom Sayer’s Death) excerpt of Peig Sayers story in Irish with Sarah Johnson, April, 2018 – a very special treat!
References – Check ’em Out
  1.  The NYT’s In Performance  with Juliette Binoche, Antigone (sorry for adverts).
  2.  Jesse Bader, St. Louis-based videographer.