Short Films – Gearrscannán


Over the coming months, Black Mirror will be producing and posting here and elsewhere (e.g. youtube, etc.) short films of STLCC students and alums performing monologues and soliloquies.

The idea behind this effort is three-fold:  to provide students and alums with marketing and audition materials beyond the headshot, resume and such;  to support Black Mirror in its effort to development a quality film / audio capability as well as to give STLCC students an opportunity to learn and grow in their video / audio skills; and to give public exposure to a body of short material otherwise likely consigned to portfolios, binders, trash bins and resulting anonymity.

These pieces will be produced in the style of the New York Times series ”In Performance” – i.e., no costumes, no set (aside from, perhaps, a chair or such), no makeup, a plain (or nearly so) backdrop, no props or the least absolutely essential.  Check out the NYT’s In Performance series here with Juliette Binoche performing a selection from Antigone (sorry for the irritating adverts – we would eliminate them if we could).

If you have suggestions / ideas re: film shorts along the lines of monologues and / or soliloquies, holler at us via the Contact link in the menu bar above.

Thank you!