Irish Centenary


2016 Ireland’s Centenary Celebration

2016 was the 100th anniversay of Irelands uprising, Ireland’s ‘shot heard round the world.’

Black Mirror helped to celebrate Ireland’s independence with a series of three programs held throughout the year (Jan., Apr., and July) at the Book House in downtown Maplewood.

The programs consisted of plays or cuttings of longer plays, poetry, readings of seminal works of Irish politics (the Proclamation in both Irish and English) and literature (ancient poetry, a George Bernard Shaw essay, and the like) and more.

STLCC students and alums were prominent in all three programs.  Footfalls by Samuel Beckett was performed by Katherine A. Robinson and Jordan Stiles.  A portion of the full-length play An Triailwritten in Irish and translated by Dennis Corcoran, was performed by Michelle Rebollo, Madeline Finn, Brian J. Rolf, and Michelle Zielinski.  The play Helicopters by Patrick Conroy was performed by Kaylen Riley, Andrew Bayer, and Dorothy Anne Francis Robinson.  Brian Rolf did a beautiful rendition of a highly satirical piece by Shaw.  Chuck Winning, Drew Donohoe and Dorothy Robinson read the poetry of various Irish authors.  And a shortened version of The Conversation was performed with Michelle Rebollo, Madeline Finn and Dorothy Robinson.

And lastly, an initial reading of a new play by Dennis Corcoran was read – The Women of the Rising, commemorating the role women played in Ireland’s fight for independence.  The women involved, all STLCC students, alum or faculty, included Michelle Rebollo, Madeline Finn, Jordan Stiles and Michelle Zielinski.  The piece ended with a reading of the names of 140 of the women, by garrison assignment, who participated in the Rising during Easter Week 1916 in Dublin, Ireland.

In all, 100 or more attended the shows, a couple of Irish speakers among them, and a good bit of craic was had by all.

And a big note of thanks goes out to Michelle Barron of the Book House for being such a gracious host!