On Now

Our official 2017-2018 season has ended –BUT we’re not quite done (see below).  We rarely turn down an invite!

If you wish to have a preview of what may lay ahead, check out our ”could-be-but-you-never-know” 2018-2019 season.  If you would like to sample the type of work we do, please check out our listing of Prior Shows.

Thank you!

Still to Come in 2017 / 2018 

Voices Beneath the Veil (Completed)

On Friday, November 17, Black Mirror will present another installment of poetry from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project at the Webster Groves Garden Cafe, 117 East Lockwood, downtown Webster Groves.  The show starts at 7pm.  Come early.  Enjoy an cupán tae nó caife (a cup of tea or joe).  A sandwich.  The performance is free.

The Women of the Rising

Sometime in the run up to St. Patrick’s Day, Black Mirror will present one or more encore performances of this piece which brings to life four of the hundreds of women who participated in Ireland’s Easter Rising of 1916, or in Irish ‘Éirí Amach na Cásca’ (the Rising Out of Easter).  One performance will be hosted by the Webster Groves Garden Cafe.  More on the date and time to come.  Free.

INA (Irish Northern Aid) has also expressed interest in hosting a performance.

And, finally, we are exploring the feasibility of staging one or more shows at The Den, in downtown St. Louis.  It’s a fantastic venue and lends itself to projection (hint – we might be going this way for The Women … )

Note:  this production of The Women … will have a special flavor.  The director, Michelle Rebollo, who also plays Dr. Kathleen Lynn, visited many of the rebels’ garrison sites as well as Kilmainham Jail in / near Dublin this fall.  In her own words – she was greatly moved by what she saw, heard … and felt.  Prior productions – infused with the words and spirit of these women – were extremely well received.  But this one … well, this one … just come see for yourself.

For those wishing to gain a better feel for the Rising, the meaning of it on an emotive level, the pride, the sorrow even unto tears, the hope for a free and indivisible Ireland which still burns in her children’s breasts …  watch this video.