2012 Predicament

Predicament was an outrageously funny play written by Patrick Conroy, originally of County Tipperary, Ireland but more recently of St. Louis, Missouri.

This was Pat’s first produced play but far from the last.

Predicament is the story of a group of lads from a village in Ireland, suspiciously similar to Pat’s own home village, who put the ‘gang who couldn’t shoot straight’ to shame in the ridiculous category.  They are hapless IRA wannabes who, before the play is over, have managed to … well, we best not divulge too much here.  Suffice it to say, it is a genuine crowd pleasure.

Black Mirror Theatre introduced this play and Patrick to the St. Louis theatre scene. Predicament went on to another production in St. Louis.  Following on to that, two more of Patrick’s plays, another wonderful comedy and a tragedy, received multiple productions in St. Louis.

This initial production of Predicament was performed at the 2012 Missouri River Irish Fest.  It featured STLCC students and / or alum Brian J. Rolf, Robbi Souzzi, Katherine A. Robinson, Andrew Bayer and Chris Felts.  Also featured was non-student Brad Slavik.  It was directed by Dennis Corcoran who, befitting the ludicrous nature of the play, also attempted to act a part.