Prior Shows

Below are images of playbill covers or posters of our prior St. Louis-based productions. Click on the images to read more.

A Beckett Exploration – Act Without Words II, Footfalls, Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett, 2010

 Beckett Night and Day – Rockaby, Stirrings Still, Play by Samuel Beckett, 2011

The Conversation by Dennis Corcoran, first performed in 2011

Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett, 2011

The Two Sisters – Test Scene by Dennis Corcoran, 2012

Gonne/Yeats by Dennis Corcoran, 2012, 2014

Predicament by Patrick Conroy, 2014

Happy Days by Samuel Beckett, 2015

Ireland Centenary – Poetry, Plays, Essays, various, 2016

The Women of the Rising by Dennis Corcoran, 2016

Rockaby by Samuel Beckett, 2016

Voices Beneath the Veil, Poetry of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, 2017

Lisa, My Friend by Abe Koogler, 2017

Didn’t You See Us? by Dennis Corcoran, 2017


Note:  Black Mirror has had a number of productions in New York, Nashville and Atlanta as well as workshops and translations (Irish/Gaelic to English and English to Irish/Gaelic) in various universities both here and abroad.  If you would like more information about any of these, please contact us via the link in the menu bar above.  Thank you!